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Diamond Chess Online Help Page - Game Collections

On the boards Option's menu, Load PGN can be used to look at game collections. This only works when connected as a guest or member as it uses the server's examine mode. On FICS one cannot seek while examining so go to board's Actions menu and chose unexamine. This is not an issue on ICC.

When the PGN chooser opens, choose Install PGN to install six game collections of classic and modern grandmaster chess games. These can be deleted as well later if the edit button is tapped on iOS or clicked on Mac. If they are all deleted, the install button will appear again on next visit.

If the user has played games they will appear to choose in load PGN too. It's a file that starts with pearl and has the users handle in it. Guest's have a diamond user log file for all guest games. Crafty engine anaylysis is available while examining through the Crafty button above board console.

iOS users can share PGN files with the app, for example an email attachment that is PGN. iOS users can also in a PGN game list choose mail games, to mail that list out as an email attachment. Mac users see at top of list a path which is where the PGN is on their Mac. For Mac users they can from Finder menu choose go to folder and enter: ~/Library/Containers/mike.pearl.chess/Data/Documents/ to get to their PGN folder. Mac users can both copy files out and paste files into this folder.