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Diamond Chess Online Help - Long Press/Click Menu

In Diamond Chess users can long press on iOS and long click on Mac in Main View for a context menu on the word they are over. If one presses/clicks on names in console they will have a useful menu with command like history ( show their recent games - guests can only use history on FICS). History displays in console. On FICS the user can go to Board's Options button then Current Game list, to have the option to tap/click to examine with engine analysis avaialble. On ICC one can long press/click on history row for a menu to examine and also go to board once examining for a bigger board and the engine analysis function.

Guests will be able to use more of these long press/click options on FICS. Observe will watch the player if they are playing. Library on ICC and Journal on FICS refer to a list of games that player has saved there if they have any. Type help library on ICC or help journal on FICS for more.

The Block option will block a player's chat and challenges. To see who one has on this list, type in Main View with Command send prefix(default) =censor. To remove someone type -censor username.

Swiping sideways on iOS or using the up and down arrows on Mac will cycle the typing area through recent commands.

URL's in console such as https links can also be long pressed/clicked.