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Diamond Chess Online Help - Reading the Seek Graph

Long press on a seek on iOS or long click on Mac to select it. If succesfully touching/clicking an animation will flicker the screen. If game doesn't start immediately see feedback in console or read on.

Green is Human regular chess and Blue is Computer.

Hollow is Unrated and Solid is Rated

Time Control is Time and Increment. 3 0 is 3 minutes with no increment. 2 12 starts with 2 minutes with 12 seconds added on after each move.

Faster games to left and slower games to right. The three sections are lightning(FICS)/Bullet(ICC) - under 3 minutes. Blitz - 3 0 to under 15 minutes and Standard - 15 minutes and up.

Other colors are variants like Loser's Chess. Half red and half blue on ICC is a loadgame/position for bots that play out a certain position like an endgame or puzzle bot.

Guests will not see variant seeks on FICS unless they clear their default formula by typing set formula. The default FICS formula only shows blitz and standard. This is true for new FICS members too. Or they can set another formula and type help formula on FICS or ICC. ICC has no default formula. Guests cannot also seek variants on FICS without doing this or in Find a Game Board Option - Seek form set Formula off.

Got to Board's Option Find a Game to post a seek. This is a tabbed view at top and one can also choose seek graph or pools as well.

F in seek means formula. These games may not start on ICC, but this is not an issue on FICS. M means manual accept. By clicking a challenge is issued, but they must accept. Go to Find a Game's Pool tab and select withdraw challenges if tired of waiting and don't want the game to start later. This will also withdraw seeks.